Gourmet Recipe Pairings 

The bright acidity of ceviche pairs perfectly with our crisp summer 2015 Albariño Epona’s Goddess Reserve. Serve this beautifully simple ceviche with plantain chips to bring out the tropical banana notes in the wine for an added bonus.


The long zippy finish and playful nature of our 2015 Albariño Epona’s Goddess Reserve make it a natural flirt, happy to sidle up alongside a wide range of dishes. The juiciness of the wine lends itself to cooling down the spiciness of Thai and Indian fare. It’s lighter weight flavors complement shellfish and fish.. Its freshness accents fresh garden produce beautifully. Enjoy it with fresh sliced watermelon—our favorite!

About Vanessa Flores:  

Vanessa's passion for cooking is deep rooted with a family history that was centered around the dining table. Growing up in a multicultural family, she was spoiled with a mother who cooked often and cooked well. During her college years, she finally learned the joy of cooking for herself and after a few years in internet marketing she decided to pursue cooking full time. 

She enrolled in the Italian Studies program at The French Culinary Institute where she got a taste of the amazing food scenes in both New York City and Parma, Italy. After several months training and working in Italy, she returned to the states with an even deeper passion for food and wine and a new perspective on food culture. These days, she follows her passion by creating thoughtfully prepared dining experiences featuring Spirit Horse Wines, illustrating how well these wines pair with food. 

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